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SafeGuard Our Pine Trees

A Pine Tree is different than most shade trees; a pine tree has a tap root that grows downward and this tap root can be as short as one foot or as long and deep into the ground as the tree is tall. Pine trees also have lateral roots that will stretch out from the tree as far as 1/3 the height of the tree, but these are only stabilizer roots, not water or nutrient take up roots.

The Image to the left is a picture of a tap root of a pine sapling.

When you water a pine tree since its roots that take up moisture are much deeper in the soil, these trees are more affected by drought conditions faster.

If you have ever taken a shovel and dug a hole in your backyard, you run into a few inches of topsoil, then you hit clay or black gumbo soil. You keep digging and this clay finally will disappear after you have dug down a few feet and dependent on where you are located, you might  have to go 6 feet or deeper to get to the sandy soil again.

Well lets think about this for a second; if you water the tree at its trunk the water has to percolate through the sandy topsoil few inches, then it has to percolate through all the clay and eventually it frees up and is in the sandy soil again.Ideally your tap root would be in the clay,then all you would need to do is hydrate the clay. But is you have a very large pine tree, 30 feet  or taller, your tap root is in the sand layer below the clay.


The SafeGuard Pine Tree Program is where four holes are created at the base of the trunk about two feet away from the tree trunk. The holes we create will bypass  all this clay and creates a super highway to get the water to the roots in lower soil layers immediately.

We perform 4 holes around the base of the pine tree a north, south east and west hole that allows us to drill down up to 15 feet. We then install permanent columns in the soil that will allow the water to get to the tap root.

We install a small drip system with the installation and then the tree is nursed back to health if it has brown needles or we just start to give it back the necessary water it needs.

After we Install Our SafeGuard Pine Tree Program - We Offer a TEN YEAR WARRANTY that your tree will not die due to lack of water.

We can treat one pine tree that 40 feet tall for only $36 per month. How many trees do you have?

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