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Our Commercial Property Management Program

The most important thing you can maintain in your commercial landscape are your trees and  your shrubs.

The beauty of your landscape  speaks volumes about you the property manager and the attitude of your clients wanting to rent  your building or office complex.

At present,if you have a tree showing signs of drought stress, the only thing for you to bring that tree back to good growing conditions is to contact a professional tree company and have them bring out a big spray rig by which they will deep root water the tree hundreds of gallons of water by injecting this water into the tree drip line.

By the time you pay their bill you realize to yourself what about the next several weeks, each time that truck comes out to deep water the tree, you are paying for their service over and over and it becomes  too costly;  and there is no warranty with this service, it is a per treatment basis.

Well what if there was a permanent solution to keep the roots of the trees on the property well watered and you have a ten year warranty to go with the installation. And the cost is less than two deep root feedings of the tree!

We can perform a treatment of three large trees ( 24 inch diameter tree sizes) on your property for only $43.00 per month.

Count the number of trees on your property and divide by three and then calculate your monthly fee for the service or just pay for it when we do the service.

You do not want to loose any trees or you will be changing the value of the property

Did You Know That When you Lose a Tree Down, each Tree has a Value:

Below is a chart of the value of the dead tree based upon diameter of the trunk ( this value does not include the cost of removal and replanting a smaller size tree):

Trunk Diameter                         Tree Value
        6 inches                            $    1,500.00
      12 inches                            $    6,000.00
      18 inches                            $  13,500.00
      24 inches                            $  24,000.00
      36 inches                            $  54,000.00
      42 inches                            $  73,500.00
      48 inches                            $  96,000.00
      54 inches                            $121,500.00
      60 inches                            $150,000.00
      72 inches                            $216,000.00

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