How to Save Trees From Drought - H2O Conservation Technology - Manufacturing New Water Daily
Manufacturing Water from the Atmosphere

A totally unique concept in soil moisture management

A patented  liquid blend of hygroscopic and humectant components when applied to a root zone allow for humidity in the air to condense back into water droplets. This technology alone saves water needs by 50% utilizing less frequent watering. and length of watering needs.

Double Even Triple The Days Between Required Watering and Enjoy The Benefits Of Proper Moisture Management!

These water droplets are absorbed by the hollow sand we have installed in the soil profile which absorbs this daily manufactured  moisture for the plant roots to utilize when in drought  conditions. This patented liquid AquaGreen acts like tiny water magnets in the soil profile, making available to plant roots microscopic moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. The liquid humectant is all natural, made from food-grade materials and is fully biodegradable. It contains no phosphates, petrochemical derivatives or other toxic fractions, which may cause ground water runoff contamination.

The higher the daily humidity, the more water that is manufactured each day. The liquid does not remain in the soil profile indefinitely, it has to be reapplied every 60 to 90 days dependent on rainfall amounts of the region.

After 9 years of commercial use by golf courses, nurseries, sod farms and top landscapers this product utilized with the hollow sand in the soil profile reduce your overall water requirements by greater than 50% and we add to that the captured rainwater or recycled gray water, we are able to reduce watering needs by over 75%.

Above is a quart of AquaGreen which is the liquid humectant.

AquaGreen on Plants we have fantastic results

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