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Aqua Saver Club
If you really care about the place you live, then reducing needless watering of the landscape should make you cringe each time you see a sprinkler head pointed in the wrong direction spraying out in the street or even worse as you watch a beautiful landscape wilt away before your eyes due to lack of irrigation water.
We want you to join our club and as you see these areas needing water or running their irrigation without ever fixing the heads, then report these locations to us. We will make contact with the customer and see if we can fix the issue.
Remember, by implementing our program, only once a week for 10 minutes or less is all that is needed to water. If we get a rain shower  that week , we do not need to irrigate the landscape at all.
How much water can you save each week?
Incentive for you is we will pay you a flat fee of $50 for each customer you refer to us and we actually get them to utilize our system.
You will need to make sure we have all their contact information and your information that allows us to pay you a referral  consulting fee.
Can we count on you to become a water steward and stop needless watering as well as protect beautiful landscapes from not getting water?
Go to the Following Link and Sign up to join the Aqua Saver Club
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